Web-In Leads
We have a couple of landing pages where these merchants are coming and filling out online forms. They are looking for business loans or looking for quotations. Our team jot down all these leads and make a list of all qualified merchants. These web-in leads also come with all the fields you require.
Email Marketing Leads
We have a marketing team dedicated to doing email marketing and other digital marketing to generate MCA Leads. These leads are Opt-in and come with mostly all details like looking amount, monthly revenue, owner's name, business name, email address, phone number etc. These types of MCA Leads will come in an excel file in bulk.
Call Back Leads
Call Back Leads are also known as Real Time Leads. After qualifying a merchant we schedule a call back for the lenders to call them back at their convenient time having all the information handy. The reason lenders love these leads is because they can do a little research about the merchant before calling them back.
MCA Live Transfers
MCA Live Transfers Leads are exclusive and come with a 100% contact ratio. These MCA Live Transfers can be transferred over to any of your phone or couple of phone numbers you provide. You will only be charged for the successful and qualified live transfers you receive.
Aged Leads
Aged leads are 30-90 days old live transfer or Call Back Leads. After 30-90 days we sell these leads in bulk through an excel file. The leads are included all the fields you will need like, Owner's Name, Phone Number, Business Name, Email Address (70%), Fax, Revenue, Looking Amount, Credit Score etc.
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What Business Owners Say

The best part of BL Leads is their professionalism and consistency. I have tried so many leads generation companies but most of them failed for their non-responsiveness
& not being consistent to send us the mca live transfers. Its been few months we are working with BL Leads and we're very happy.
Jonathan Terry
Founder, Biz Fund Inc
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Steps of Our Live Transfer Process

Generating Web-In Lists
Qualifying Merchants
Transferring Lead to Client
Emailing Lead Informatoin

Receive our Promotional Offers

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Frequently Asking Question

Are these leads exclusive?
The MCA Live Transfers are 100% exclusive for up to 3 Months. After 3 Months we might call the merchants and look for their interest again if they still want a cash advance and qualify. But the aged mca leads are never exclusive.
How soon does it take to start getting leads after signing up?
For MCA Live Transfers, we can start sending leads from the day after you sign up. Once you sign up we take a couple of hours to set up the campaign ready.
What's your refund & replacement policy?
Each and Every mca live transfers are subjected to be replaced in case of not meeting the qualifying criteria & the requirement (agreed upon both parties) and not considered as a successful live transfer.

These terms are not eligible for MCA Aged Leads, Opt-In Leads or Web-in Leads sold on this website. Which means, No Refund will be performed in any case of MCA Aged Leads, Opt-In Leads or Web-in Leads sold on this website.

What if I miss a Live Transfer or on another call?
No Worries, if you don't answer a live transfer or on another call, we send that transfer to some other client and don't charge you for that lead. Which means you won't pay for the mca live transfers you missed or couldn't answer.
Do you have a minimum order?
Yes, for Live Transfer Leads our minimum to start is 20 leads. Please go over our pricing page to get the details or give us a call.
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