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Why are we best?

Pay for Valid Leads Only
BL Leads will only charge you for the leads, that are valid if you Buy MCA Leads or Debt Consolidation leads. You will only pay for the valid leads.
DNC & TCPA Complient
Feel 100% safe and confident to Buy MCA Leads from Business Loan Leads. Each and every lead of us is DNC Scrubbed against National Do Not Call Registry.
24/7 Client Support
Though our lead generation team works from Monday to Friday, our client support team is available 24/7 to assist our existing or upcoming clients.
35%-40% Application Returns
If you're in the market to Buy MCA Leads, you've come to the right place. We guarantee you at least 35%-40% application returns from our leads.
Immediate Start
As soon as you sign up to Buy MCA Leads from Business Loan Leads, we take a maximum of 2-3 hours (Business Hours) to start sending you leads.
Flexible Hours
We are capable of sending you leads whenever you are ready. You will also receive the leads only during business hours.
how does it work

Before You Buy MCA Leads
Learn How We Do It

Generating Opt-In Leads

Business Loan Leads has dedicated a team to work on generating Opt-In leads through different landing pages or huge email marketing. Our marketing team usually do different marketing campaign on Google, Facebook, Instagram etc to generate leads through our landing pages.

Once you place an order to Buy MCA Leads or any other types of leads, our dedicated marketing starts generating Opt-In Leads for you through landing pages or email marketing. Though we don’t sell these leads, we use them to generate live transfer leads through outbound calls. We also have a dedicated inbound support team to answer calls from those landing pages and email marketing.

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Qualifying Over Phone

Bringing loan seekers in is definitely not going to take it anywhere. After we generate Opt-In or Inbound Leads, we go ahead and qualify them according to our qualifying criteria. We mostly qualify the merchant over the phone to check if they are either qualified for Business Loans.

All these leads are 100% prequalified according to our qualifying criteria. If they don’t qualify or meet our criteria, we will surely get those leads replaced. But we require our clients to disqualify a merchant while we have him/her over the phone. To Buy MCA Leads from BLLeads.com we require the lenders to read our replacement policy before s/he places an order.

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MCA Live Transfer Leads

Once the Opt-In Leads is all qualified and the merchant is desperate to get funded as soon as possible, we transfer the call over to the lenders or our clients via a 3-way conference call or through email. Even if we transfer the call as live transfers, we also send an email to our client.

All these MCA Live Transfer Leads are 100% pre-qualified and exclusive. They are depositing over $15,000/month in their business checking account, doing business for over a year, No Bankruptcy, Tax Liens or Judgements and they want to get funded as quickly as possible. All these mca live transfer leads are 100% Exclusive for up to 90 days. We reserve the right to dial these leads again in 90 days to check if they are looking to get funded again.

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Processing Loan Applications

After we are done with the live transfer and if it’s a qualified lead, it’s your part to work on the application process then. Most of our clients are using Docu-Sign or Hello Sign to let the Merchants fill out the loan applications online. 

If you are new in this industry, whenever you Buy MCA Leads from us feel free to let us know if you need any help. We can set you up with all these Online Signature Platforms. We suggest starting this business at least with minimum experience. Our responsibility is to find you the best quality leads but if you don’t have a good closer or the closers got lack of experience in this industry, your money and effort will be wasted. Please get in touch with us and discuss in details 24/7. We always have a dedicated representative to answer all your questions.

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