MCA Leads – Premium Package


$45.00 $35.00

Get a 100% replacement warranty if the leads don’t meet the criteria mentioned below. Which means you won’t pay for any bad lead:

  • All Business Owners
  • 100% Exclusive Leads
  • Making At Least $15,000 Bank Deposit/month
  • Over 6 Months in Business.
  • They haven’t filed any bankruptcy.
  • No More Than 2 Outstanding.
  • Looking for funding as soon as in 30 days.
Order Quantity Pricing
PayPal/Credit Card Wire Transfer (BofA) / Zelle
25 to 34 Leads $45 /Lead + (3.7%) $45/Lead
35 to 49 Leads $43/Lead + (3.7%) $43/Lead
50 to 99 Leads $37/Lead + (3.7%) $37/Lead
100+ Leads $35/Lead + (3.7%) $35/Lead


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These MCA Leads will be 100% exclusive for up to 3 months. This means we will be dialing these leads every after 90 days and looking for their interest once again in Business Loans. Then we qualify them for different types of business loans like MCA, Line of Credit, etc. Once they are qualified, we transfer the calls over to our clients as live transfers.



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