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MCA Live Transfer Leads | All You Need To Know

MCA Live Transfer Leads are the most popular and cost-effective among lead generation methods in the merchant cash advance industry. It is also time-efficient, where lenders and MCA providers don’t have to waste their time looking for quality leads.

What are MCA Live Transfer Leads?

MCA Live Transfer Leads are transferring merchants or business owners to the funding manager over the same call. Merchants are transferred only after qualifying with proper consent. Lead generators play the role of a liaison during a live transfer. Live transfer leads, also called real-time leads; are pre-qualified, 100% exclusive, and ready to do business as soon as possible. It is why they’re considered as warm leads, for the business owners are on hold in real-time to get funds as the live transfer is being processed. It’s done step by step, starting from the telemarketing agent to the closer.

  • To generate Live Transfer Leads, cold caller or telemarketer makes outbound cold calls to business owners.
  • Then the recipient is offered cash advance for their business.
  • If the business owner is interested, he/she lets the agent know in a reply.
  • The agent qualifies the process by asking some specific questions regarding the business.
  • If the qualifications are met, the agent lists the merchant as pre-qualified.
  • Afterward, the merchant is transferred live to an MCA provider by the agent. All these happen in one call and it’s called Live Transfer, as the merchant is called a Live Transfer Lead.

Why Should You Invest in MCA Live Transfer Leads?

There are many beneficial traits of live transfer leads in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. Firstly because of the nature of Live Transfer Leads, it has 100% contact ratio and a higher chance of conversion rather than Call Back Leads or Aged Leads. Below are 5 undeniable reasons among many others to invest in MCA live transfer leads.

  1. Cost-efficient and time-saving:
    It is probably the most attractive reason for investing in live transfer leads. It saves time and money, allowing businesses to grow more efficiently and effectively. You don’t go looking for leads, they’re delivered right in front of you.
  2. 100% exclusive real-time leads:
    Live Transfer Leads are considered as warm leads, as they are 100% exclusive and pre-qualified real-time leads. It means they are filtered and transferred in real-time, having higher credibility than other lead categories.
  3. Highest possible ROI (Return on Investment):
    In marketing and lead generating, one doesn’t really think about the cost of the leads. Rather it’s the ROI that matters, how much I’m getting as a return on my investment. Being exclusive and real-time, Live Transfer Leads ensure good ROI since they are more likely to be successful leads.
  4. DNC and TCPA compliant:DNC Scrubbed MCA Leads
    Live transfer leads are always subjective to DNC (Do Not Call) and TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations.
  5. Speak and pay only for qualified leads:
    You don’t have to speak to any leads who are not pre-qualified when it comes to live transfer leads. At the same time, you only pay for qualified leads, not the people who are not interested and fit for getting a fund.

Benefits of MCA Live Transfer Leads

Live Transfer Leads are the best category of leads in the MCA industry because of its many advantageous attributes. The first and the most appealing of them is that they are 100% exclusive real-time leads, and have a 100% contact ratio. It’s because of the nature of live transfer leads; since they are pre-qualified and transferred only after ensuring the merchant’s interest, a successful conversion is ought to happen. Another advantage of live transfer leads is cost-effectiveness, where the leads themselves call the lenders and doing so, saves money and effort of lenders to find exclusive leads.

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Among the many beneficial sides of Live Transfer Leads, replacement guarantee for bad leads is one of the most useful. Also, you don’t have to pay for an unsuccessful conversion. The state of the situation is instantly recognized, so you don’t have to waste a single amount of your time. It allows spending working hours in closing deals, rather than misusing them on cold calling or appointments. Below are some of the primary characteristics of Live Transfer Leads, which indicate its superiority over other MCA lead categories.

  • All Live Transfer Lead calls are DNC (Do Not Call) scrubbed and TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliant.
  • Only pre-qualified merchants are transferred.
  • Pay only for successful conversions.
  • Best possible ROI (Return on Investment)
  • No late night, weekend, or holiday calls; get leads only in banking hours.
  • The stage is set to do direct business.

Lead generator companies provide Live Transfer Leads that are filtered, pre-qualified, and desperate for funds for their business. At Business Loan Leads, we provide 100% exclusive live transfer leads who are on call to get investments. All our MCA leads are DNC and TCPA compliant, most cost-effective and ensure quality regarding prerequisites. We have a 24/7 hours active customer service available who are there to meet all your MCA needs and answer all your questions. Rather than wasting time looking for prospects, let us deliver 100% exclusive and real-time leads with the chance of high conversion. Our Live Transfer Leads can save your valuable time and effort, which can be used to take your business farther.

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The floor is set, the leads are ready! Contact us now to get valuable Live Transfer Leads as per your need. We’re here for you.

MCA Live Transfer Leads | All You Need To Know
Article Name
MCA Live Transfer Leads | All You Need To Know
MCA Live Transfer Leads are the most popular and cost-effective among lead generation methods in the merchant cash advance industry. It is also time-efficient, where lenders and MCA providers don’t have to waste their time looking for quality leads.
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