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MCA Leads Live Transfer or Call Backs?

MCA Leads are being generated as both Live Transfers & Call Backs. MCA Call Back leads are comparatively cheaper than MCA Live Transfer Leads. Though the Call Back Leads are cheap in price, it’s tough to get a good ROI back from these Call Back Leads.

What is Call Back Leads (MCA Leads)?

MCA Call Back Leads is also known as Appointment Setting Leads. After Qualifying a Merchant Lead Generator schedule a Call Back to let the Closer call the Merchant Back.Real-time Call Back Leads That’s how it turns to be a call back lead. But 90% of the time, closer can’t get hold of the merchant on their scheduled time. Therefore closer needs to keep trying to get hold of the merchant back. Which means the lead turned into a cold lead again. Even if the Lead Generation company replacing the lead, it’s still a waste of time for the closer or Lender.

But still, there are a few solutions to improve Call Back Leads.

  • Always schedule the appointment or call back in 15 minutes.
    (If closer can’t call the merchant back in 15 minutes, there’s a good chance for the Merchant to forget the appointment)
  • Don’t forget to get a Cell Phone or Alternate Number to reach the Merchant Back.
    (Mostly we reach the merchant at their business line, so it’s better to get a direct number)
  • Make sure to mention the Closers name few times on cold call.
    (This will help the merchant to remember the appointment when closers call back.)
  • If not in 15 minutes, schedule a call at this convenient time for the Cold Caller to Call Back.
    (If the merchant is not available in next 15 minutes, schedule a call back at his convenient time to call him back again and schedule again in 15 minutes for the closer.

If a Cold Caller can follow these all, it will improve the Call Back Leads Quality a lot. Call Back MCA Leads will get you a good ROI then.

What is Live Transfer Leads (MCA Leads)?

MCA Live Transfer Leads are the most popular and cost-effective lead generation method. Right after qualifying the merchant with his/her proper consent, when the lead generators transfer the call over to the closer is a live transfer lead. Live Transfer lead is transferred as warm leads and best as cost-effective and 100% contact ratio. These merchants are more desperate to get funded which keeps them to wait on the call to talk to the closer. After Qualifying the Merchant, the cold caller says, “You seem to be very qualified for this funded. Would you mind to stay on the call while I get you connected to our Funding Offer to walk you through the application process?”

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Learn the difference between MCA Live Transfer Leads and MCA Call Back Leads
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