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Why BL Leads is the Best MCA Leads Provider in the Industry

MCA leads provider in the Merchant Cash Advance industry is one of the key companions to success in this type of funding business. Out of the three major sectors of the Merchant Cash Advance, Lead Generators are the ones who provide MCA lenders with interested business owners and merchants looking for funds. MCA lead generation is a process where prospects are examined, filtered, and verified as potential candidates to consider alternative loan systems. Such companies practice lead generation and create database of lists with promising merchants.

Reasons Why BL Leads is the Best MCA Leads Provider

BL Leads, also known as Business Loan Leads is one of the leading MCA leads provider companies since the start of the Merchant Cash Advance Industry. After the great recession in the USA back in 2008, most of the businesses and especiallyMCA Lead Generation Strategy small to medium enterprises lost the eligibility to get bank loans. Because banks require a credit score of 700+ and have a lengthy process with a low approval rate, the idea of merchant cash advances was introduced. Since then it is gaining popularity and acceptance among business owners who need quick funding solutions.

Today the Merchant Cash Advance industry is a well-known form of business funding. Gradually it’s becoming more popular and a preferred solution for small businesses and startups alike. The number of interested businesses and funding institutions is increasing. MCA leads provider companies have a lot to research to stay ahead of the growing competition.

BL Leads excels in generating leads for MCA from all aspects of lead generation. We have a highly professional team of employees, 10+ years of experience in MCA, and industry insight that allows us to filter out the best leads for conversion. We provide qualified merchant cash advance leads and exclusive merchant cash advance leads with a high conversion ratio. All the leads are fresh and pre-qualified so that the lenders don’t have to waste time for verification. BL Leads provided prospects always feature the following attributes:

  • Genuine business owners who are interested in funds.
  • Businesses running for at least 6 months to 1 year.
  • No bankruptcy for the last two years.
  • $10,000 or more monthly bank deposit.
  • Businesses in need of funds immediately.
  • Current business conditions and funding reasons.
  • Detailed address, contact, and email.
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Other than the leads’ qualities, we provide the best services there is. All our MCA leads are pre-qualified and verified through specific processes. We have a detailed qualifying method that allows us to determine whether a prospect has the possibility to become a client. We use Cold Calling, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, and other methods to generate exclusive MCA leads. Reasons why BL Leads stand out are:

  • We provide Fresh and Qualified leads rendered from our updated and rich database.
  • With one lead, we provide complete contact detail of the business and the direct communication channel of the decision-maker for organizational activities.
  • We have a team of professionals who are experienced in the Merchant Cash Advance industry for more than a decade.
  • Because of our industry experts and their constant research, we have access to the right prospects who are genuinely interested in cash advances.
  • Our professionals at customer services offer a clear line of communication where they can fully understand the clients’ needs so that the best solutions can be provided.
  • Supplying you with leads is not the end, as we offer follow-up services after the transition. We will assist you through the conversion process and in most cases, we’ll replace any bad leads with new and fresh leads.

Business Loan Leads is the digitalized, updated lead generation service you need for your MCA business. In order to get qualified business loan leads and increase MCA sales, there are no better choices next to us. Experience is of great importance in this market, and we offer a decade’s work to substantiate our claim. Contact us, visit our Leads Shop, and read our blog to know more about Merchant Cash Advance Leads and how to thrive in MCA.

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