Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads with No Robocalls

Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads with NO Robocalls

Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads with TCPA Compliance is what every lead generation company offer. But the interesting part is most of these companies rarely have any idea about TCPA Compliance. Shocking! Right? The truth is, they offer TCPA Compliance but they are not even capable of scrubbing DNC. And the scariest part is, they are using VOICE Broadcast / Press 1 Campaign to generate these leads. And this is causing these lenders getting sued which seems like they are paying these lead generation companies to get sued.

90% of these lead generation companies are generating leads through Telemarketing which is actually the most cost-effective ways to generate leads, but nobody of them is following the TCPA Compliance to do telemarketing.

How to find TCPA Compliant MCA Leads Source?

To sign up with a Merchant Cash Advance Leads Generation Company, all a lender or ISO check is the Leads Qualification Criteria and Process of Lead Submissions. But what mostly they don’t check is how they are generating the leads, either through RoboCalls or Telemarketing? Telemarketing is never illegal as long as not using AutoDialer and not calling National DNC Numbers. But to make it more cost-effective and to make more money, these Lead Generation Companies use Robocalls or Autodialer and never bother to pay to check DNC.

To determine a Safe & Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads Source, a Lender or ISO should make sure these few things:

  • The data source of the Lead Generation Company
  • The Method of Generating Lead Leads
  • If Telemarketing, Learn about the Dialer they are using
  • Make sure they are not spoofing the Caller ID
  • Check their DNC Scrubbing Tool (Ask for a Proof)
  • They are not using Robocalls, VoiceBroadcasting or Press 1 to generate these leads
  • Check their Qualifying Criteria & Replacement Policy

What is Robocall?

Robocall is a computerized call which broadcasts pre-recorded message to run telemarketing or political campaigns. Robocalls are designed to send more spam calls with less human interaction.

How to Generate Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads without Robocalls?

The safest way to generate mca leads is if you have your own team to generate leads for you. There are couple of ways to generate the leads your own. But to generate leads your own it will require a highly experience marketing team which will not be cost-effective. Its always better to consult a lead generation expert before you decide to move your own. However here are few most popular and safest lead generation methods.

  • Google Adwards
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn etc.
  • Email Marketing
  • Cold Calling/Telemarketing

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How does our Merchant cash Advance Leads Work?

Business Loan Leads is generating the Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads in this industry for over a couple of years now. All our MCA Leads are pre-screened for DNC & TCPA Compliance. Each and every lead is being closely monitored by a highly experienced Quality Assurance team to make sure they meet the Qualifying Criteria.

  1. 100% DNC & TCPA Compliance
  2. Over 600 FICO Score
  3. Over $15k+ Monthly Bank Deposit
  4. Must have a Business Checking Account
  5. Must have an Email Address or Fax
  6. No Defaults, Bankruptcy or Tax Liens
  7. Take Transfers according to your schedule.
  8. Need funding ASAP or maximum in 30 days.

These criterion are Negotiable. If you want to make any changes on these criteria click below to Chat with a Live Agent now.

Generating Opt-In Data

We generate Opt-In data through Email Marketing, SEO, SMM etc.

Qualifying The Prospects

We qualify the Opted In Prospects through Outbound Calls and do telemarketing to Generate Leads from regular B2B data.

Call Transfer

Once we qualify the prospect we Transfer the Call Over to you through a 3-way Conference call where our Reps will introduce you to the merchant and you take the call over phone there.

Quality Assurance

As long as you're on the phone with the Merchant, we'll have our Quality Assurance guys to listen to the calls to ensure the quality of the lead. If they don't qualify, you'll get that replaced.

Passing Leads Information

Once everything goes well and you send an application out to the merchant, we will send you an email along with all the information in writing.

If you want to bring any changes on this process, you can. The reason why few ISOs don’t like Live Transfer is because of their tight schedule. We’re capable of sending you calls according to your schedules. You will just have to keep us updated on your schedule.

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Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads with NO Robocalls
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Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads with NO Robocalls
Generating Best Merchant Cash Advance Leads following TCPA Compliance with no ROBOCALLS. Make sure your lead generation company is not getting you sued using Robocalls.
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  • JOHN MOSHE 22.12.2019
    Please send me prices for live hot MCA leads and aged leads 1 to 30 days old thanks
    • Shaib Montachir 05.01.2020
      You can check our Leads Shop for Exclusive and Aged MCA leads' prices. For further information, please give us a call at (855) 219 1737.
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