MCA Aged Leads

Benefits and Reasons to Invest in MCA Aged Leads

MCA Aged Leads are one of the primary categories of business loan leads in the merchant cash advance industry. A lead is an interested prospect who is in need of immediate funds for businesses and isn’t able to reach the banks because of low credit scores. Lead generation methods basically work in 3 ways, and Aged Leads are one of them.

MCA Aged Leads: Know Your Benefits

MCA aged leads are filtered customers, verified leads who haven’t been contacted after a conversion period. These customers are somewhat regular, they respond on calls and proposals. Aged leads are previous Live Transfer and Call Back leads, the only difference is that it’s not necessarily exclusive. This is why they’re priced comparatively lower. Some of the main characteristics of MCA Aged Leads are listed below.

  • Aged leads are usually older than other business loan leads.
  • An ideal aged lead can be about 30-90 days old.
  • Almost everything else is similar to other lead categories.
  • Other leads are exclusive while aged leads are not.
  • All leads are QC(Quality Control) passed.
  • Leads are DNC and TCPA compliant.
  • They may have been sold more than once before.
  • Typically sold in bulks.
  • Aged leads are much cheaper than live transfer or call back leads.

So how do they value your business? The first and most appealing of means is the price. Aged leads are priced significantly lower compared to other leads like live transfers and callbacks. You can buy around 30 aged leads for the price of one exclusive lead.

The benefit? The chance of conversion is multiplied ten times. Although live transfers or callbacks are exclusive leads and the contact ratio tends to be 100%, they’re turned into cold leads once a transaction is complete. Therefore, they’re tagged as Aged Leads, and listed to be sold after a certain period of time. Usually, it’s 30-90 days before an aged lead is up for sale. In the meantime, the list gets bigger and after maturity; aged leads are sold in bulks for a cheap amount. Among the long list of leads who were once exclusive and in need of loans, there’s a fair possibility that they still may need cash ‘cause it’s never a “one-time” for businesses. You can buy 30 aged leads for only 30$ and contact them, find out that some are still interested. Whereas an exclusive lead costs around 40-50$ where you get only one lead.

MCA Aged Leads

There are high chances that some aged leads have never received a call. Many business owners and merchants seek merchant cash advance but not all of them meet the prerequisites properly. Therefore, these leads aren’t touched ever. Since they were interested in loans in the past, they may be interested still. They’ve likely rectified their business issues and now qualify for getting a loan. These leads are trustworthy and in need of cash on a regular basis.

MCA aged leads are also useful to small businesses and enterprises. Since they have comparatively less capital, it’s easier and sensible for them to go for lower-priced aged leads with lower competition.

Reasons to Invest in MCA Aged Leads

MCA Aged Leads are low-end, easily affordable merchant cash advance leads. This alone prompts a sense of investing in aged MCA leads, along with the listed essentials.

  • Cheapest possible price:
    As mentioned before, MCA aged leads are priced considerably cheaper than exclusive leads like live transfer or appointments-setting. The price tag starts from 1 dollar per lead and goes lower as the age of the lead extends. Normally, around 30 days old aged leads are sold at 1$. As leads get older, their price reduces. Also in case of aged leads, they can be sold more than once to different buyers.
  • Greater ROI:
    Aged leads offer a greater return in terms of investment. While exclusive leads are priced at 40$ or more, 40-50 aged leads can be bought at the same cost. All of them were either exclusive lead or interested in merchant cash advance once. Some of them may still be interested and you can land a sale, resulting in a bigger return on a very small investment.
  • Less Competition:
    When you pay for an aged lead, you might be the only one who’s contacting the lead at that time. On the contrary, exclusive live transfer of real-time call back leads are contacted constantly by various telemarketers until they’re interested and willing to take funds. So the challenge is clear enough, you get more leads with less competition in MCA aged leads generation.
  • Growth Opportunity:
    MCA aged leads are qualified and previously exclusive leads with the possibility of higher conversion. They’re generated from potential merchants who are seeking quick funds. Better production comes from better leads, not necessarily the expensive ones. The smarter choice is to go for aged leads; gather more, try out every lead and grow your business.
  • Save Your Time and Money:
    Rather than looking for exclusive leads all the time, purchase a bulk of aged leads once in a while for a reasonable price. Even if only 2-3 leads are successful among them, your valuable time and effort become worthwhile. Contact us now to get qualified aged leads for the lowest price you can imagine.

We have your work cut out for you. Invest your energy and resources in the right place, and buy aged leads to grow your funding business further. Reach us to learn more about MCA Aged Leads.

Benefits and Reasons to Invest in MCA Aged Leads
Article Name
Benefits and Reasons to Invest in MCA Aged Leads
MCA Aged Leads are low-end, easily affordable merchant cash advance leads. They are previous live transfer and call back leads, the only difference is that it's not necessarily exclusive. That's why they're priced comparatively lower and typically sold in bulks.
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